A day in a school no longer my own…

So, spending a day in a school that is not your own is amazing.  Honestly, there are so many opportunities in which to integrate the technology, and people are very interested to hear your connections. It is funny to me because after so much time thinking about the integration, it really is about getting the job done, the learning to fit or the differentiated need to be met.

I guess the bottom line for me today is that I spent so much time today talking to people about what they want to accomplish, and I suppose people from the outside mught have picked up on the technology, but today it really receded into the background.

As I reconnected with people from my past, it was refreshing to see how accepting they were about just talking about teaching or planning or constructing.  Yet, for the one new person who came to me today, asking for support, there was a very different feeling.  This person wanted to know more about the actual tools and seemed impatient with the discussion about what was going to be accomplished.  Honestly, I think this person may have more put off than she let on, but if so she hid it well.  It was a stark difference compared to the conversation with two former co-workers in which we discussed the need and the construction and then delved into what technologies mught facilitate this work.

This day was a tribute to the longevity of what I believe is real change, based on conversations at am emotional level.

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